Workways Australia Limited (Workways) Board and Executive Management Team(EMT) is committed to establishing an organisational culture that encourages continual review and improvement across all levels of organisational performance to ensure service delivery remains effective and appropriate. This will be achieved through active implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management Framework (Framework) and supporting processes. The scope of the Workways Quality Management System.


This Policy applies to all employees. Whilst the Board, EMT, Quality and Risk Management Committee, and key portfolio holders are primarily responsible for monitoring and evaluating all aspects of the Framework, all Workways employees are encouraged to be active contributors to this process.

This commitment to continual improvement will:

  • Enable continued delivery of consistent targeted services;
  • Provide a challenging, safe and satisfying work environment for our people;
  • Foster establishment of valuable relationships with current and future stakeholders and service users, and
  • Provide tangible evidence of business excellence across Workways’ core business

Workways, through the Framework, will demonstrate compliance with ISO9001:2015 Standard, as well as with the following Australian Government Workforce Australia Quality Assurance Framework Principles:

  1. Satisfaction with services and provision of individualised and tailored services;
  2. Effective corporate governance arrangements, including management systems;
  3. High level leadership;
  4. Effective planning strategies;
  5. A supportive working environment that values the development of its people through staffing and organisational development plans;
  6. An effective set of measurement tools across all areas of operations;
  7. Effective arrangements for communicating with clients, including facilitating resolution of client complaints, and
  8. An understanding of and ability to develop and build strong labour market presence

Workways adopts the principles of procedural fairness when recording and investigating complaints. Workways is open to customer/client/stakeholders involving support people, including paid advocates where relevant, to express their complaint and ensure it is followed up. Customers/clients/stakeholders are informed about the complaints process and where they can go to get additional support throughout the process.