Media Release

Weekend Convenience: Saturday Servicing Available for Workforce Australia Participants

In order to enhance customer experience and provide greater flexibility, Workways Australia provides Saturday servicing for participants enrolled in the Workforce Australia and Transition to Work employment programs. This initiative aims to accommodate individuals with busy schedules and commitments during weekdays/Mon-Fri work hours, ensuring that support is accessible when it matters most.


Participants can take advantage of Workways Australia’s Saturday servicing hours, which run between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.


Participants can easily get in touch with Workways during these Saturday hours via:

Phone: FREECALL 1800 631 196; participants can connect with a dedicated support team member ready to provide assistance.


The toll-free number ensures that help can be sought without any added financial burden.


By extending service hours and diversifying communication options, Workways aims to break down barriers that might hinder individuals from accessing the assistance they need to achieve their career and personal goals.