Neelam’s Fresh Future

For Neelam, employment has always been about more than financial security; to her it is about stability and a positive sense of self.

Neelam came to Workways seeking support into full time work. Although she’d been assessed as being suitable for part-time work due to her diagnosis of a mental illness, she knew that she was capable of much more.

Working with Workways Recruitment Partner, Chris, Neelam was successful in securing employment working in an electronics warehouse in Campbellfield. Neelam’s role involves disassembling old electronics equipment which is then sent off for recycling.

Her positivity and determination, combined with Chris’s support helped Neelam reach a successful outcome in a short space of time.

Neelam’s mental illness can at times affect her mood and level of concentration that had made it difficult to secure work in the past. However, the consistency of employment helps her to overcome these barriers and create a stable environment in which she can thrive.

Neelam has been employed full time now for 10 months in the same role and is positive about her future and the security she can bring to her family.