Hope, Brotherhood & Community

Lexie’s story is one of hope, brotherhood and community. His move from Arnhem Land to Innisfail meant a fresh start and new opportunities so he could change his life story.

When Lexie met Marvin, Workways Indigenous mentor he was living in a caravan in Cardwell with his wife and one year old child. Marvin says that what struck him most about Lexie was his personality and his search for something worthy in life.

“Lexie talked fondly of his home in Arnhem land, of red dirt, his culture and dreamtime stories, but he also talked of his time in jail and how he now had his family out here in the big world with no direction or guidance or hope. He wanted to try and create something special for his mob.” Said Marvin.

Marvin and Lexie became firm friends, and before long he and his young family had been invited to live in Marvin’s mum’s home so they could get back on their feet and he could find a new job.

For Marvin, providing a helping hand to Lexie was just what they did in his community. “This was special, having a full blood aboriginal man in our community from such a spiritual place like Arnhem Land. Lexie fuels me even more with how extra special it is to be an Aboriginal person. It is healing to the body as a whole.” Added Marvin.

“I wanted to show Lexie that together we could heal the negatives and that what happens in the past doesn’t define the future. I want him to show his people that life out here can be achieved without fear, and that hope and knowledge is here.”

Marvin’s support and guidance came to fruition in May 2019 when Lexie started his new job. He is now working as a Trade Assistant with ‘Spot on Tyres’. He had a dream to work as a mechanic, and thanks to Spot on Tyres, Workways and Skills360, he has qualified for a mature aged apprenticeship.

“Now when I speak with Lexie, what I hear in his voice is confidence, hope, love, family and his future. He is smiling every day.” Said Marvin.