From Unemployment to Front-of-House Manager, Allana’s Story

In 2020, Allana faced a challenging crossroads in her life when she decided to leave her university course. Without a job and with the daunting prospect of job hunting ahead of her, she turned to Workways Transition to Work program for support.


Initially, Allana encountered difficulties securing employment despite numerous interviews. The COVID-19 pandemic further complicated her job search, making it even harder to progress beyond interviews. After months of persistence, she finally landed a job at a local café in Morwell, unfortunately COVID complications led to the café having to close.


Following the café’s closure, Allana faced another six months of unemployment, enduring the challenges of staying at home and managing with limited income until a café in Traralgon offered her a lifeline.


Like many hospitality venues, they were understaffed but Allana, undeterred by the challenges, drew from her previous café experience, adapted swiftly to her new job and took on additional responsibilities to support the team. Her dedication and efforts did not go unnoticed, and just two months into her tenure, Allana was promoted to the role of front-of-house manager.


Allana stands as a testament to her perseverance and adaptability. She has been with her current employer for over three months, relishing her new role, and witnessing significant improvements within her workplace. Central to her success has been the unwavering support she has received from PPSO Skye. The ability to reach out for assistance and the flexible scheduling provided by Skye has been instrumental to Allana’s growth and confidence. Her journey from unemployment to a leadership role is a testament to her determination, and demonstrates to other youth in the Latrobe Valley area that with the support and guidance from those with experience in the job-seeking industry, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself.