Media Release

Envite Environment Celebrates 30 Years

Last month Envite Environment, a division of Workways Australia, celebrated a massive 30 years of connecting communities and the environment through the delivery of ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation.


Envite was borne out of the recognition that you could improve social outcomes for people experiencing disadvantage whilst also improving the condition and future of our natural ecosystems. While Envite’s methods and workforce may have changed over time, one thing that has remained solid over the 30 years is the motivation to connect communities and the environment, and create changes today that will lead to positive outcomes in the future.


From Envite’s small beginnings in Lismore, the organisation now delivers environmental restoration and training in areas across North Queensland, the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Coffs Harbour, Clarence and East Gippsland in Victoria.


Envite’s success in achieving its purpose comes from its dedicated team of ecological scientists and bush regenerators who have a shared passion for the environment and a continuous thirst for knowledge; and it also comes from partnering with a vast number of like-minded organisations, agencies and community groups with shared values.


Over the past 30 years, Envite has assisted over 16,000 people through training and supported employment programs; propagated and planted over one million trees; restored nearly 40,000 hectares of natural bushland and currently supports around 125 community groups annually.