Customer Success: Sidney’s job search success – from doubt to determination

At the beginning of Sidney’s employment journey, he confided in his Workways Employment Coach, Joanne, with regards to his current barriers to work and his concerns that he would never gain employment due to things he had done in his life previously. However, Joanne reassured him that there would be no judgment, only unwavering support and collaboration.


Initially, Sidney’s attendance at appointments was inconsistent, mirroring his internal struggles. He would often leave town just to get away and be alone. Yet, each time he returned, his first stop was the Workways office where he displayed a willingness to engage and explore opportunities.


As Sidney undertook various activity requirements, his coach offered guidance and practical assistance, including applying for and securing important documents.  Sidney revealed he’d never had a copy of his birth certificate, so Joanne helped him obtain an original copy to keep safe at home, and a photocopy to carry with him on his job search. She also helped him with his White Card. While Sidney had previously attained his White Card, he did not have a physical copy. Joanne contacted WorkSafe to obtain the card. This was another small step forward for Sidney, who was gaining confidence as his job search progressed.


Sidney’s enthusiasm peaked when he learned about a course titled “Growing with Greenham’s” at GEST, promising a potential job opportunity upon completion. Throughout the four-week course, Sidney maintained regular contact with Joanne, providing progress updates and demonstrating his commitment to the path ahead.


Upon receiving his certificate of completion Joanne had it printed and framed for when Sidney attended his next appointment. On seeing the certificate, Sidney casually remarked “That’s the course I completed …” before it dawned on him that it was his certificate with his name on it! Sidney radiated pride. He couldn’t wait to display his achievement proudly on the wall at home.


Outside of formal engagement with Workways, Sidney remained proactive, volunteering his time to assist others and staying active within his community.  In his spare time, he helped Bob from the Walhalla Trust with odd jobs. If he saw the neighbours’ lawns were a bit long, he would take the initiative to mow them without expecting anything in return.


As the job search seemed to stall, Sidney felt discouraged, but his coach remained steadfast, exploring alternative avenues and networking tirelessly on his behalf.


While Joanne was on leave, a breakthrough finally arrived in the form of an urgent job opportunity – an employer needed to fill a position in Moe in the next hour. Due to Sidney’s can-do attitude and readiness for work, Nikki, the acting site manager, put his name forward for the job and Sidney was able to start immediately.


Joanne was not aware of this development until she returned from leave. Sidney stopped by the office on his way home from work, beaming with pride. He announced he was going home to tell anyone at his house to leave as he’d been working all day and needed to relax!


The following day, Sidney again popped into the office on his way home to update Joanne on the previous evening: He had indeed gone home, had tea, and fell asleep on the couch as he was exhausted. Joanne noticed Sidney was using a plastic cordial bottle for his work drink bottle and decided to make one for him to celebrate his success. At his next appointment, she presented him with the gift-wrapped surprise and asked if she could video him unwrapping it, as there were a lot of people wanting to see his reaction when he opened it.  The smile on his face was priceless. He declared he really loved it and would use it every day.


Upon hearing all the positive feedback from Workways staff about his amazing accomplishment and how pleased they all were to see him happy and successful, Sidney vowed he will not let any of us down.


As Sidney continues his journey with Workways, his story serves a reminder that with determination, support, and a dash of perseverance, barriers can be overcome, and employment goals can be achieved. Sidney’s pledge to not let anyone down is typical of his positive and proactive approach and we are incredibly proud to have been part of his employment journey.