Customer Success: Robyn’s journey with ADRA Community Services

Robyn, one of our wonderful Workways Workforce Australia customer’s, was the first participant referred to ADRA Community Services in Logan Central. Robyn was facing significant challenges to employment, with homelessness being the most pressing issue. Despite this, she demonstrated determination and a clear vision for her goals of wanting to gain and maintain work to support those living in the situation as her. Conversations with her Site Manager in Woodridge, revealed her passion for helping women on the streets and creating a safe community space.


ADRA Community Services, a local volunteer and Work For the Dole (WFD) activity provider, offers experiences in retail, hospitality, administration, and community services, providing a significant positive impact on the Logan community and contributing to participants’ development.


Having not worked since 2013 due to injury and an incomplete Business degree, Robyn joined ADRA for a WFD activity in February 2023 with ADRA also providing Robyn and a number of other homeless women safe shelter on their grounds while completing the activity. By the end of that month, she secured a Hospitality traineeship position and quickly became a well-known member of the ADRA family. Staff from our Woodridge site became regular customers at the traineeship’s “Vege Box” shop, enjoying freshly prepared lunches.


Robyn soon became the face of the Vege Box, handling servicing, preparation, and decoration as part of her daily routine. She also voluntarily attended to the gardens around ADRA in her free time. At the end of her traineeship, our team had the honour of attending Robyn’s graduation, where she was recognised by ADRA and the Trainer for her ongoing contributions. She also received an appreciation gift from the students of that traineeship.


Six months on and Robyn is now employed full-time by ADRA as the Hospitality Traineeship Trainer! She removed herself from Services Australia payments when she began the traineeship in February, maintaining financial stability to date. Robyn is remaining homeless by choice as she continues supporting others on the streets, earning the community nickname “The Iron Woman” for providing financial assistance from her income to address poverty.


Robyn stands as a prime example of determination, and our team can’t wait to see all that she achieves!