Customer Success: Hawa’s Story

Hawa’s Determination Pays Off!


In February, Hawa faced a significant setback when she lost her job due to contract changes within her previous company. With the increasing cost of living, she found herself in a difficult situation. On March 9th, Hawa met with Workways Employer Engagement Officer, Dylan, who recognised her potential and sat with Hawa to discover what career direction she would like to take.


A local business in the Stones Corner area reached out to Dylan at the perfect time, seeking cleaners for their home and spas, and it became clear that Hawa would be an ideal fit for the role.


Understanding the importance of this opportunity for Hawa, Dylan organised a meeting between her and the CEO of the company. Dylan went with Hawa to the meeting to ensure she was supported and given confidence in her abilities. The meeting resulted in Hawa being offered not just one, but three paid trials across different aspects of the employer’s business.


The trials were a success and Hawa exceeded all expectations and as a result, she received the life-changing offer of employment. This incredible turn of events has not only transformed Hawa’s life but also granted her the means to be able to support herself and her daughter.