Customer Success: Asifiwe’s Journey

Asifiwe’s journey, from seeking refuge from her home country, to re-establishing herself in Australia, stands as a testament to her resilience and the power of Workway’s support through the Parents Next program. With dedicated assistance from Mihi at Workways Beenleigh, Asifiwe overcame daunting language barriers and qualification hurdles to pursue her chosen career path in her new country.


Arriving in Australia with hope for a brighter future, Asifiwe faced numerous challenges. Language proved to be a formidable barrier, compounded by the complexities of navigating a new system in a foreign land. Struggling to access essential services and employment opportunities, Asifiwe found herself at a crossroads, determined but uncertain of her path forward.


Enter Workways team member, Mihi, who stepped in to support Asifiwe in her employment journey. Since her initial appointment in November 2023, Asifiwe engaged in weekly face-to-face sessions, committing herself wholeheartedly to the process of rebuilding her career. At this time, Asifiwe was only working minimal hours as a support worker, when in her home country, she had worked as a qualified nurse. Her ultimate goal was to have her qualifications recognized in Australia so she could continue her nursing career path. Mihi assisted Asifiwe in many ways, from deciphering documents to accessing childcare and employment opportunities.


One of the initial challenges Asifiwe faced was understanding the intricacies of childcare arrangements and maximizing available benefits. Through collaborative efforts, Workways researched local childcare options, providing detailed information and facilitating enrollment processes. Furthermore, Mihi assisted in accessing the Employment Fund to purchase a crucial tool in Asifiwe’s journey: a laptop, essential for her studies and job applications.


Navigating bureaucratic hurdles proved to be another obstacle, with Asifiwe encountering difficulties with myGov, Medicare, Centrelink, and employment documents. However, with Mihi’s guidance, she gained confidence in understanding and addressing these challenges, empowering her to advocate for herself effectively.


Some of the key areas of assistance included:

  • Gathering enrolment documentation from her course to access participation funds to buy a laptop
  • Assisting Asifiwe and her husband with setting up a superannuation account
  • Guidance with Medicare and Centrelink processes
  • Setting up myGov
  • Teaching Asifiwe about applying for jobs and creating a resume and cover letter, then applying for jobs together
  • Assistance in accessing the Elf Wishlist program to receive Christmas gifts for her children


The impact of Workways’ assistance was tangible and transformative. Asifiwe’s youngest child gained access to childcare, easing her workload to allow her to focus on her career goals. Additionally, she received practical support in accessing social services, training, and employment opportunities, essential to achieving her goal of working as a nurse.


Today, Asifiwe stands on the cusp of realising her dream of re-entering the nursing profession. With several employers expressing interest in her candidacy, her future brims with promise and opportunity, a testament to her resilience and the unwavering support of the Workways team.