Bobbie Wright, QUIHN

Bobbie Wright recently achieved her 13 week milestone in her first job in 20 years, and is looking forward to long term employment in her new career.

When Bobbie first arrived at Workways in September 2016, she had been unemployed for over 20 years and had lost faith in the ‘system’ that had led her to employment services.

Workways worked with Bobbie to determine her passion and find her a role that would suit her interests and experience. Over time Bobbie’s motivation and passion grew, and she eagerly sought more information to help her realise her employment goals.

Bobbie started volunteering with QuIHN in Townsville, a statewide, not for profit health service that provides a variety of health services to illicit drug users throughout Queensland. They were impressed with her commitment and work ethic, and she was eventually successful in gaining a paid role with the organisation. Now more than three months into her role, Bobbie has grown significantly and is passionate about the work she does with QuIHN.

She is extremely proud of how far she has come in the last twelve months and feels as though she is a different person. The support she receives from Workways and from her manager at QuIHN has made a big difference to her development and progression.

Bobbie has set her next goal and is in the process of enrolling in a Certificate III course that will further develop her skills.

Workways recently presented Bobbie with a gift that represented her growth and development throughout the period, and congratulated her on her successful employment.