Customer Success: Amon’s Story

Amon Ehlrich’s story is an inspiring tale of resilience and determination. After a shocking car accident that left him unconscious for over 12 hours, Amon had to relearn most things to be able to physically care for himself again. Before the accident, Amon was a high-risk tree lopper and loved working at heights, but he had to give up this job while he was recovering. The next few years were tumultuous for Amon mentally, physically and financially, and he couldn’t see a way out.


Amon told us he’s been involved with employment service providers for many years, but he has never truly engaged with any of them until he met Recruitment Partner, Janelle, who decided to take a straightforward approach. Over the next few appointments, Amon and Janelle started building great rapport, and Amon was receptive to Janelle treating him like any other person.


With Amon being unable to stand in one place for long durations, his employment opportunities were limited, but his Janelle helped him identify a career path as a Small Motor Technician but unfortunately employers in the field didn’t have any openings at the time, they were very kind in offering other possible pathways though.


After identifying Skid Steer Operator as a possible career path, Amon and Janelle started making their way through the course work. Amon’s confidence boosted, and he started engaging with Workways more and more often.


When they learned that Kingston Park Raceway was hiring Mechanical Technicians for the go-karts, Amon was immediately reverse marketed to the employer and was interviewed, followed by a job trial which he passed with flying colours. Amon has been employed for over a month now and has made himself an integral part of the team, both personally and professionally. Amon’s story is a great example of the importance of perseverance, hard work, and the power of second chances.