Subway Supporting Youth Employment

Subway Bairnsdale, has partnered with Workways Australia to provide employment opportunities to youth in need.

Local store manager, Hayley Smith, has sourced over a dozen staff through Workways Jobs Victoria over the past two years, a program which supports people who have been unemployed for six months or more or underemployed 12 hours or less a week. As a former Jobs Victoria client herself, Hayley believes that local businesses in Bairnsdale should provide young people with a vital stepping stone and set them up for their future careers.

“Some of our young employees come from broken homes and haven’t had positive role models to help shape their attitudes to work. While we provide training and help them develop their skills, we also teach them how to have boundaries and meet expectations.

“Work gives them a purpose and some sense of normality.” Said Hayley.

Workways Jobs Victoria Mentor, Vanessa Chapman, has worked alongside Hayley helping to source employees and support them once they commence in their role.

“If it wasn’t for Vanessa and the support she gives me, I’m not sure I could do it. She mentors our employees, and helps to ensure they are accountable when there are issues to resolve.

She stays in regular contact and manages the recruitment and paperwork.” Added Hayley

Hayley holds a certificate in community services, and says she gains much satisfaction from her job especially when she sees her employees grow and thrive, as was the case with a recent recruit who was struggling. “We provided training and supportive supervision, and I was so happy to see him grow in confidence. His customer service skills are fantastic despite his initial struggles.”

Hayley is critical of the lack of access to mental health support services in East Gippsland, and sees that businesses can help fill a void by providing meaningful employment. “When people have a purpose and a reason to get out of bed, it can make a big difference to their self-confidence.

And we need to support young people starting out in employment, not scrutinise their every move. It’s important to be honest but constructive.” Said Hayley.

The eligibility guidelines for the Workways Jobs Victoria program have been widened as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic with anyone who has lost their job as a result of the pandemic, eligible to join the program immediately.