Rhian, Spotless

Guided by Workways, Rhian has discovered her passion and is applying her interest to a new role with a strong career pathway.

Rhian had initially presented to Workways as anxious about her future and her possible career aspirations. She was studying a Certificate in Medical Administration but didn’t feel it was the right fit for her.

Workways Recruitment Partner, Judy worked with Rhian using a range of assessment tools to identify her interest in painting and decorating. The assessment also determined that Rhian would prefer an outdoor work environment.

Judy had developed a good working relationship with employer Spotless who she contacted to promote Rhian’s skillset and interests.

Spotless interviewed Rhian and decided to take her on as an apprentice painter. Rhian was excited to discover she had been successful and couldn’t wait to tell her mum as she knew she would be so proud.

Rhian commenced in September and will begin her apprenticeship in early 2019. She’s enjoying learning how to paint walls, cut in corners and roller paint roofs, although she says her technique is still a bit wonky!

Spotless has provided Rhian with a role that will lead to a qualification in painting, and a long term career pathway.