Korban Campbell, Subway Bairnsdale

Korban Campbell first presented to Workways as a 15 year old who had exited school, had been diagnosed with ADHD and had a number of personal barriers that made it difficult for him to engage in learning or employment.

Workways employment consultant, Jodie McLellan was appointed as Korban’s employment support, knowing it would take time and perseverance to discover his preferred education and employment pathway.

Jodie initially scheduled appointments with Korban 5 days a week, partly to keep his mind off school where he was no longer allowed to attend; but importantly to help him build his confidence and trust in her. He was apprehensive about dealing with another ‘social worker’ so Jodie’s approach was to build rapport with Korban by discussing common interests and creating a connection that was valuable to him.

After two weeks of appointments, Korban agreed to remove his headphones that he wore constantly and started to open up about his interests and his concerns.

Korban began to show an interest in caring for children, and it was through Workways that he eventually enrolled in a Certificate III in Childcare. As Korban was below the allowable age to work in the industry, Jodie looked for a part-time role that could provide him with some financial independence and experience.

Jodie contacted Hayley Smith, a former client of Workways who was now successfully managing the Subway sandwich store in Bairnsdale. Hayley had previously employed seven participants of the Workways Jobs Victoria Employment Network in her store.

Korban commenced at Subway as a casual server. He has now been there six months and has been promoted to opening the store, and working as a shift supervisor when the manager is away.

With Hayley as his mentor, he has now embraced his role as mentor to other young people employed in the store, insisting that he needs to help them develop their ‘maturity’.

Korban recently turned 18 and has moved into his own home with his partner, and is saving for a new car. While he is now old enough to move into the childcare industry, he is weighing up his options and may pursue a management pathway with Subway.

Jodie still meets with Korban every fortnight where he eagerly discusses his plans for the future. He credits Jodie and Workways with turning his life around