Kiah: Our Customer Service Superstar

Kiah is a customer service superstar and she’s absolutely nailing her job at Hungry Jack’s!

Kiah was homeschooled from a young age, has struggled with mental health and hasn’t had a lot of support or guidance to keep her in work.

Our Disability Employment Services program at Workways helps people who have a mental health condition, disability, injury or illness break down barriers to gain employment. Hungry Jack’s Founder, Jack Cowin, puts it best, “Hungry Jack’s is in the people business, we just happen to sell burgers”. We’re so proud to have built a strong recruitment relationship with Hungry Jack’s and truly appreciate how inclusive they are with their employment opportunities. We’re also super proud of Kiah and how much she’s evolved with the support from both Jordyn and Hungry Jack’s. Everyone’s a winner!

We’re looking forward to having more customer’s like Kiah thrive in the Hungry Jack’s business.

Anyone wanting to follow in Kiah’s footsteps can get in touch with our team today!