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Employment Pathways Emerge from Nyerimilang

Envite Environment, a division of Bairnsdale based employment services agency, Workways Australia, is revitalising the gardens of Nyerimilang while providing employment pathways for members of the East Gippsland community.

Parks Victoria appointed Envite Environment in June this year to rehabilitate the magnificent gardens of the historic Nyerimilang homestead in Nungurner. Of particular focus was a return to native plantings and revegetation in the garden that would reduce introduced species and attract local wildlife.

In partnership with Konekt Employment, Envite developed roles for participants of the Work for the Dole program who had shown interest in natural resource management and landscaping. Konekt have supported several people to participate in the program, and gain important skills that will assist them into future employment.

Julie-Anne O’Neill jumped at the opportunity to join the program when it was offered by Konekt earlier this year, “I love working outdoors, and had previously thought about pursuing a career in natural resource management: said Julie-Anne.

Julie-Anne was partnered with works supervisor, Andrew Mylius of Envite Environment, and he quickly saw that Julie-Anne had the drive and determination to pursue her career goals.

“Andrew has been a great mentor for me. I’ve learnt so many things during this experience including how to identify weeds, and how to identify indigenous plants that can be used for bush tucker.

“We don’t use any poisons and work to rehabilitate the landscape to improve the soil health.” Added Julie-Anne.

With the support of Konekt and Envite, Julie-Anne has commenced a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management through Federation Training.

“Federation Training have been flexible with the course delivery so I can continue to pursue work opportunities with Envite. The practical elements of my work experience help me in my study, while the study is helping me grow in my role and add value in the workplace.”

As a result of Julie-Anne’s efforts, she was approached by Envite to take on a supervisory role while her mentor Andrew was on leave.

“I’ve gained so much valuable experience on this journey so far, and I know that this is the career I want to pursue. My ultimate goal is to work with DELWP and Parks Victoria in the future.”

Andrew has no doubt that Julie-Anne will achieve her employment goals, “It has been so rewarding watching Julie-Anne grow and develop her confidence, and gain new skills. She has the right attitude and will do well in whatever she chooses.”

For Julie-Anne, the experience has created an important change of direction, “There are lots of opportunities in Gippsland. If you are willing to expand your networks and put yourself out there, opportunities will open up.


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