Customer Success: Thomas’ Story

From Isolation to Empowerment: Thomas’ Story


Meet Thomas, a former worker at EB Games, who has triumphed over personal challenges and rediscovered his self-worth. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Thomas found himself isolated and losing confidence in who he was. Leaving his house became an arduous task, and even attending appointments seemed daunting. Unemployed and seeking help, he got in contact with Workways to assist with his situation.


Thomas embarked on a job search and secured a position at Coles. Although the job provided financial stability, Thomas struggled with panic attacks becoming a regular occurrence. He would often talk himself out of going to work, finding himself unable to step foot inside the store. It was clear to our Workforce Australia team in Sale that Thomas needed further support to overcome his barriers.


Working closely with Thomas on a weekly basis at our Sale office, the team helped him identify the areas that were negatively impacting him and worked out what boundaries needed to be set in a workplace to make life more comfortable.


Recognising that Coles was not his forever job, the team made it their mission to find a position that would truly suit and assist Thomas. Workways Employer Engagement Officer, Laura, identified a potential employer, and (with consent) explained Thomas’s current health situation. The employer was understanding and eager to provide him with an opportunity.


Through the support of his Employment Consultant, Samuel, Thomas gained enough confidence to visit a doctor and seek much-needed medical advice, something he had postponed for a long time. Within just two months, Thomas had a newfound confidence in himself and accepted a job with Superclean Maid Service that perfectly suited his interests and made him feel comfortable. He now walks into the office each day with a genuine smile.


Samuel played a pivotal role in Thomas’s journey, working closely with him every week, gradually helping him inch closer to new employment. Samuel ensured that Thomas obtained all the necessary paperwork, including a Police Check and a Working with Children Check (WWCC), as well as providing funding for work clothing. Moreover, Samuel walked alongside Thomas, offering support and creating a safe space for him to feel comfortable throughout the process.


To others who may be facing similar challenges, we hope Thomas’ story can serve as a reminder that with the right help, it is possible to overcome difficult situations.