Customer Success: Alanna overcomes addiction to thrive

New job, new start for Alanna!


In August 2022, Alanna joined our Workforce Australia program. She had been out of work for about five years due to addiction (of which she is now 2 years clean!) and had struggled with finding employment but was determined and eager to have the Workways Capalaba team help her to turn her life around.


Alanna had a meeting with her new Employment Coach, Jen, and shared her love for physical activity and a desire to work with motorised equipment. Jen suggested that Alanna consider enrolling in a Certificate III in Supply Chain Operation, which would also provide her with a forklift license. The idea intrigued Alanna, and she even sent pictures of the course brochure to her mom, seriously considering it as a viable option.


At their next appointment, Alanna declared, “Let’s do this!” It happened to be a Friday afternoon, so Jen wasted no time calling the fantastic team at EDB Training in Capalaba. They efficiently enrolled Alanna, and she was set to begin her course on the following Monday morning. Alanna left that day with an infectious smile and was practically skipping out of the office with excitement.


Within just one week of starting her course, Alanna left a lasting impression on the EDB team. They were so impressed with her that they informed her of a job opening at TradeTools in Capalaba and arranged an interview for her. Jen and the team helped Alanna with interview attire, and hyped her up for this exciting opportunity. Alanna aced the TradeTools interview, and they wasted no time in offering her a position as a Warehouse Worker. She started the following week!


EDB Training and TradeTools collaborated to support Alanna in completing her course while working full-time. Alanna has worked incredibly hard, and now, after six months of full-time employment, she is overjoyed with how her life has transformed. She finally has stability, a regular income, and a daily routine that brings her fulfillment. Alanna can now afford some small luxuries that were once out of her reach, and she couldn’t be happier about the positive changes she has experienced.