Alanna’s Smiling

Alanna was unemployed for over three years before joining the Workways Jobs Victoria program. She had suffered serious injuries in a car accident in 2016 and had lost her job as a result.

Vanessa, her Workways mentor, worked to build Alanna’s self confidence and get her job ready once more. Alanna also completed a barista course through Workways which enabled her to gain employment with APCO, a service station and cafe.

As a result of her employment, Alanna has been able to purchase her first block of land with her partner, and has now been offered a promotion from casual employment to permanent; a great reflection on her work ethic and value to the business.

Alanna said of her mentor, “I wouldn’t be working or be able to buy a block of land without your assistance in finding me the job with APCO. I am forever grateful and now looking forward to 2020 as my luck has changed.My friends and family have been commenting how different I look because I am always smiling and happy.”

We’re really happy for you too Alanna